Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament


Chef: Carlo Vignotto - Executive Chef

Chef Carlo Vignotto

About the Chef

Chef Carlo Vignotto has been cooking for over 30 years, starting in his hometown in Venice, Italy in the family restaurant.

Chef Carlo describes his style as Classic Venetian Italian, using locally sourced ingredients of the freshest quality. "I make unique and inventive dishes based off classic recipes to appeal to a wide audience of food lovers."

One of Chef Carlo's favorite dishes to prepare is risotto. "Using attention to detail, timing and temperature are all critical to making a perfect risotto dish", he tells us.


Chef Carlo lists his Grandmother, Mother and everyone in the family restaurant as people who influenced and helped train him at a young age to love and appreciate food.


<b>La Tavola</b>

About the Restaurant

La Tavola has been a staple of little Italy for over 20 years. Every piece of pasta is made from scratch in house, no exceptions, and vegetables come straight from the farm. The restaurant has been featured over the years in all local publications and countless online sites and blogs, most recently having the Spaghetti Neri al Granchio named as the best pasta dish in Maryland by The Daily Meal, a food blog featured on major websites such as Yahoo and MSN.