Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament


Chef: Shamarie James - Executive Chef

Chef Shamarie James

About the Chef

Chef James is from St. Catherine Parish in Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to Baltimore in 2012 from Bald Head Island in North Carolina where he worked as a sous chef.

Chef James began cooking at the age of seven, working in his great-grandmother’s restaurant in Jamaica. He studied at the Providence, Rhode Island and Denver campuses of Johnson & Wales University, and has been at Roland Park Place since 2012.

"One of my favorite types of food to cook is new world cuisine. Why? I have a passion to use ingredients that are different and uncommon, especially Ackee. For example, I ‘ll combine something like Doctor Fish with herbs and spices such as vanilla beans, mash potatoes, scobonate pepper, and chives. When all of these things are combined, it creates a different profile that really wows not only the guest, but my team. My style is rooted in my upbringing, but kept current through my continuing education of emerging food trends", Chef James tells us.


"I have a love for the dishes I grew up with. The residents love when I create them for the menu. My top dishes include Ackee & Slat fish which is my national dish, escovietch fish and curry chicken. When I have them on the menu, residents want to speak with me about my history. It’s a teachable moment to show how cooking can bridge so many differences when it comes to culture."

"My cooking style has always been a tribute to my Jamaican roots. I developed a passion at the age of seven, working in my grandmother’s restaurant in Kingston. At a young age, she had me on food prep. This sparked my creativity with food pairings. My grandmother continues to be my inspiration. She is what lead me to pursue a cooking degree. To this day, we talk all things cooking. She continues to run her restaurant and I talk with her regularly about ways I can improve upon my Jamaican dishes. She always taught me the importance of listening to a customer and keeping a kitchen happy for everyone who works in it. Those points follow me today in my role at Roland Park Place."


<b>Roland Park Place</b>

About the Restaurant

Roland Park Place is a senior living community with a top restaurant for residents and guests. Roland Park Place is the only full-service, accredited nonprofit continuing care retirement community in Baltimore City and a leader in aging services for older adults and their families. RPP offers premier access to city life coupled with the comfort and convenience of suburban living - all in a beautiful, landscaped, park-like setting with breathtaking city skyline views.