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Chef: Terence Tomlin - Executive Chef

Chef Terence Tomlin

About the Chef

Chef Terence Tomlin, born and raised in Bridgeport, CT came to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area in 2001. Prior to his relocation, Tomlin began his cooking career in 1990 working at Tavern on the Green, Shark Bar and other reputable New York tri-state restaurants.

After moving to the Washington, D.C. Area, Tomlin worked for the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City, where he met and trained under Executive Chef Matthew Morrison, who continues to work with Tomlin to this day. Tomlin took a short hiatus from his cooking career to focus on family, but returned to open his own restaurant. Although the doors of his restaurant were closed due to a reclassification of the building, Tomlin kept his passion alive and continued his upscale dining experience at Brian Voltaggio's Range, the Marriott and by assisting the launching of a local creole restaurant.

Tomlin opened Terence Tomlin Upscale Dining Experience in 2014, and has been instrumental in various high profile personal catering events from Farm to Table, taste of DC events and his newest affiliation with Fortune V water. In 2013, Tomlin launched HeyBaby Vegetable Ice Cream which aims to educate consumers on the value and flexibility of cooking with vegetables.

Chef Tomlin says one of his favorite dishes to prepare is Espresso bean rubbed smoked filet mignon with white sweet potato pancakes, grilled yellow beets and roasted cantaloupe lobster fumet. "I'm proud of this dish because I didn't over think it and I didn't try to impress anyone. I just let loose and let my hands do the rest."

Chef Tomlin describes his style as, "American eclectic fusion... It is artistry and risk taking, meaning that I am not afraid of making a surf and turf with duck and scallops, purple salmon, mango mashed potatoes, spinach ice cream. Giving each component of the dish its own personality".


Chef Tomlin says he is most inspired by Chef Matthew Morrison. "I am inspired by him because he is a game changer, not afraid to push the limits of gastronomy."


Terence Tomlin Upscale Dining Experience

About the Restaurant

Terence Tomlin is a private chef that specializes in progressive cuisine. You can reach Chef Tomlin @terencetomlin.

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