Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament


Judge : Ted Stelzenmuller

Judge: Ted Stelzenmuller

About the Judge

Ted Stelzenmuller is a graduate of the Baltimore International Culinary College, and has been working in restaurants for 23 years; the past seven as chef owner of Jack's Bistro. Jack's Bistro is ranked the #5 restaurant in the Baltimore Sun's Top 100 Restaurants, and is Zagat rated 27 for food.

Chef Ted is the pioneer of sous vide cuisine in Baltimore, and is an inaugural member of "Best Chefs America". Chef Ted gets his inspiration for his unusual flavors and techniques from being a world traveler. He has traveled to five continents in the last four years during Jack's Bistro's summer and winter breaks. Chef Ted's life motto is " I love to cook so I can travel the world, and I travel the world to be a better cook".

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