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Roasthouse Pub versus Monsoon Siam

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Niko Negas


Kitty Ashi

Roasthouse PubMonsoon Siam

Monday, Jun 12, 2017 - 6:00pm - 9:45pm (doors open at 5:30pm)

Points South Latin Kitchen
1640 Thames Street
Baltimore, Maryland, 21231

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Niko Negas
Executive Chef
Roasthouse Pub

Chef Niko Negas

About the Chef

Chef Negas was born in Washington, DC and raised in Frederick County, MD. He is a graduate of Frederick High School, Baltimore Institute of Culinary, and Salisbury University. Chef Negas has worked in a number of area restaurants including Turning Point Inn, Blue Fox Inn, Phillips Beach Plaza Hotel, Nanatuckets, Cellar Door, and is currently the executive chef of Roasthouse Pub. Chef Negas has traveled to and experienced many cultures and draws from these experiences to create his fusion dishes.


Evening on the Riviera

  • 2013 1st place Sweet, 1st place Presentation & 2nd place Savory
  • 2014 1st place Savory & 1st place Presentation
  • 2015 Mason Dixon Master Chef - People's Choice Award


Chef Negas lists Chef Jean Louis of the Blue Fox Inn as a source of inspiration, especially for his traditional French Cuisine techniques. He also sites Jacques Pepin as a wealth of information and technique.


<b>Roasthouse Pub</b>

Roasthouse Pub

About the Restaurant

Roasthouse Pub is an American Bistro and Craft Beer establishment located in Frederick, MD. We feature 20 taps that continuously pour a wide variety of ever changing quality craft beers. Our menu and featured specials offer fresh ingredients and the experience of eating bistro outside of the box. Chef Negas’ housemade Duck Pastrami or Alligator Chorizo or Vegan Italian Sausage are examples of this.


Kitty Ashi
Executive Chef/Owner
Monsoon Siam

Chef Kitty Ashi

About the Chef

Chef Ashi grew up in Thailand. Almost everyone in her family worked in the restaurant business - from street carts to full service restaurants. Chef Ashi began her culinary career at the young age of six, when she would help her aunt shop for ingredients, as well as prep and cook some foods. "I learned by watching my mom and chef cook at my Mom's restaurant, Chef Ashi tells us."

Chef Ashi has been in the United States for 10 years now, working in many restaurants (15 hour days for 6 days a week), until finally opening her own with her sous chef Chef Pooh.

Chef Ashi says one of her favorite dishes to prepare is lemonglass chilli tofu, Braised Beef noodle soup. "Fresh ingredients make a dish more interesting."


  • 2016 Best Entree, Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament
  • 2015 Best of Cville, Best Thai restaurant in town
  • 2015 Order Up Loved by Local
  • 2014 Runner up Best of Cville, Best Thai Restaurant
  • 2013 Horner Best of Cville,Best Thai restaurant
  • 2012 Nominated Best of Cville, Best Thai restaurant
  • Monsoon Siam2 (located in Madison,Wisconsin)

  • 2015 Top3 Best Thai from 3 Best rated
  • 2015 Best Thai Trip Adviser Madison
  • 2014 Best Thai on Yelp Madison
  • Influences

    Chef Ashi credits her mother and Chef Krit from Thai Flavor Restaurant, as well as her sous chef, for being her biggest influences in cooking.


    <b>Monsoon Siam</b>

    Monsoon Siam

    About the Restaurant

    Monsoon Siam serves quality food and drinks with reasonable prices, inspired by original Thai cuisine. This influence has involved into an eclectic and personal menu, including favorites like Pad Thai, Tom Yum noodles soup and vegetarian foods.

    In the summer, Monsoon Siam has a large shady patio overlooking Market Street. Also in the winter, we have a colorful eclectic decor inside, featuring art and furniture by employees and friends, past and present.